Tumblr-ing around now…

11 05 2009

I recently started using this other blog thing, its called tumblr and its fun, although i now have two blogs and a twitter.

A still of my blog, its a still because thats how crazy it is!

A still of my blog, its a still because thats how crazy it is!

Well whatever the point to all of this is I’m sure you’ll find something funny around here. Theres a link to this blog up in my blogroll, I’ll probably use it more often than this word pressing one.

Have a wonderful time at whatever you crazy people are doing anyway…


Weekend Quest Numero Cuatro!

26 04 2009

The fourth installment of weekend quests is done.

Grace asked us to promote mydamnchannel.com (which we did exceptionally well), to pick her some flowers ( Which I did exceptionally well) and to talk to a random stranger (which i failed at…….exceptionally).

Anyway hope you enjoy the weekend quest, its a damn long one and Ih ope you don’t get too sick of my laugh!


26 04 2009

I recently started a tumblr blog. I’m not sure why when i have this guy but I like the format of it. I think a lot people agree with me they seem to become increasingly popular. Anyway heres the link: Smokybanjo

I post some random stuff up there I hope you like it if you drop by.

The ‘Turd’ Weekend Quest!

19 04 2009

Grace seemed upset this weekend because I was on collegehumor.com so I’m making it up to her with this Weekend Quest.

Its the third weekend quest I’ve done so anyone who knows me well enough will understand its significance….hahaha turd……

Anyway heres the show, hope you enjoy our crazy antics;

Weekend Quest again!

13 04 2009

This time it wasn’t quite as funny but whatever it’ll do.
You know where to find the quest giver, Ms. Grace at mydamnchannel.com.
Anyway eres the video, enjoy its non-sensical humor you silly people!

Weekend Quest.

30 03 2009

This is the video of our weekend quest. Me and some friends got kinda drunk the other night and decided to this quest for Daily Grace.

We recorded this crazy shit and heres what i’ve got, try to keep in mind that we are kind of retarded……..

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27 03 2009