26 04 2009

I recently started a tumblr blog. I’m not sure why when i have this guy but I like the format of it. I think a lot people agree with me they seem to become increasingly popular. Anyway heres the link: Smokybanjo

I post some random stuff up there I hope you like it if you drop by.


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27 03 2009


Do you hate me?

10 03 2009

If the answer is yes then check out this blog which is dedicated to defying me. There seems to be a revolution against what i have said in my blog, somehow supported by someone who actually gave me information but anyhow heres a link—->anti-poo.

Whatever i did to have this guy insult me so i do not know, however he seems to have a few facts wrong. According to this entry I am in league with Lisa Rinna and help her dispose of newlyweds sentimental possessions on  the show Merge. I am quite sure this is false information. He does have some info on the dangers of the sun though and how its the top star for the cause of duck-billed platypus deaths and he seems to have gotten a diagnosis from a Dr. Robert McDonnell that i am a retard……

Well either join the revolution or continue to listen to me blabber on, the choice is obvious really……

The leader of this Revolution is the guy on the right, I heard he likes to eat little asian children.....

The leader of this Revolution is the guy on the right, I heard he likes to eat little asian children.....

What?! How?

9 03 2009

This semi-boggled me, maybe its really obvious and I don’t see it but take a look at this, it just doesn’t appear to make sense:


From where comes the ‘hole’ ?!

We are all in Danger!!!

25 02 2009

This is no joke i am fucking serious! All of our lives are at stake, especially yours and mine! I have just been given information from a friend of mine; Robert Mc Donnell, photographed here dressed as The Joker;laz

And here chatting up my dog Redgie;


And just to confirm his authenticity, heres me hugging him;


Okay, so I’m assuming that you like the man you see and understand that he is to be trusted, I trust him, and one or two of my other friends trust him, so thats evidence enough. His word is good but still for hard evidence that nodody can deny(well….hard as I care to find) I have consulted wikipedia.

So I have figures and scientific evidence and can tell you how much danger you are all in! In 2.5 billion years we and everyone else on this planet will be dead! I’m sorry but theres no arguing with the truth, just face facts and do with your life whatever you have always wanted to do because in 2.5 billion years…..it will all be gone.


Heres our culprit, our nemesis, the bane of our existence. Andromeda. Soak it in, thats the name of all of our assassin. You see the problem is that unlike the majority of galaxies in our Universe which are moving away from the Milky Way and spreading outwards, Andromeda is closing in on us. It has picked its target and is racing towards us at 300 kilometres  per second! thats 186 miles! Now the information on what exactly will happen at the time of impact is not given as it seems scientists aren’t sure. I was thinking about this and there seems to be one piece of evidence they’re not looking at. The two Galaxies are going to fucking collide! I’m going to just go out on a limb here and say that it means WE ARE ALL DOOMED!!!

I searched and searched for a way to stop this(meaning i typed it into Google, what else does someone in this day and age do? research?!) but to no avail. I’m sorry everybody but we just have to face facts, theres no stopping this so just kiss your loved ones goodbye and live life the way you have always wanted to. We’re going to die now anyway in a cataclysmic collision of cosmic bodies so why sit around investing money and time and when its all going to be inter-galaxial space poop in about 2.5 billion years anyway?

Heres another picture of Redgie in case you need cheering up…..also, hes cool.


They may be horrible people but they’re damn good friends.

23 02 2009

The title above may be misleading, I am not talking about my own friends. I am talking about a friendship I have come acroos while watching videos on my all time favourite website MYDAMNCHANNEL. The webseries I mention is Horrible People, the tale of a bunch of  upper class people and their crazy yet hilarious antica at one really horrible cocktail party. The Friendship I am referring to is that of Carter(played by Mather Zickel) and Micheal(played by the genius A.D. Miles).

Now it is mentioned early in episode 3 of the series( its been going on much longer than this I just never got round to watching) that Carter and Micheal have been friends since pre-school and by the end of the episode, it shows! In the first episode Carter murders his best friends fiance because he doesn’t like the way she wears her sweater(you really must watch it) and after much searching by Micheal to find her Carter finally cracks and discards his lie that she went on a beer run and tells Micheal that he killed her and shes decomposing in the hallway. Now this might call for the end of the cocktail party and a police raid, but not on MYDAMNCHANNEL. No, on this show, the two friends are forced to make up and get on with the party. They may feel a little bitter towards each other but for the most part they put their differences behind them and continue upon they’re majestic path to the beyond known as Friendship.

Now if thats not a lesson we can all learn from I don’t know what is.

I need a life…..

20 02 2009

Hmm…..guess this is kinda funny…

play it till it burns little guy....

play it till it burns little guy....

I use stumbleupon quite often….

Some day there will be something worth while on this blog.