The ‘Turd’ Weekend Quest!

19 04 2009

Grace seemed upset this weekend because I was on so I’m making it up to her with this Weekend Quest.

Its the third weekend quest I’ve done so anyone who knows me well enough will understand its significance….hahaha turd……

Anyway heres the show, hope you enjoy our crazy antics;


Weekend Quest.

30 03 2009

This is the video of our weekend quest. Me and some friends got kinda drunk the other night and decided to this quest for Daily Grace.

We recorded this crazy shit and heres what i’ve got, try to keep in mind that we are kind of retarded……..


18 03 2009

Shopping Cart cutI’ll have a video of how this happened up eventually.

Don’t! Whatever you do Don’t! put your finger in boiling hot sugar.

14 03 2009

Ok I have been drinking quite a bit but anyway I think this may be important.

Me and my friend Steven and that delightful Robert McDonnel I mentioned in a an earlier post are making a cake and we deciede it would be a great idea to make some caramel to stick in the middle seeing as we forget to get the icing from Tescos and now, they’re closed. The bastards! Anyway, to make caramel you have to heat sugar for ages. This was working out quite well until, we decided it was too long to wait, while Robert and Steven took some hardened and cooled down caramel I, being the most retarded, drunker idiot decided it would be easier to just stick my finger in the still incredibly hot saucepan. This resulted in a burn that still stings now, about an hour after the incident, the cake isn’t done but my finger still hurts.

I feel pain, it hurts me, I am mocked by my friends because of my stupidity and have drunk some green tea that seems top have had a second green plant in it……you know what I mean.

The cake however tastes great, though it does have a distinct taste of vodka……